Beginning in Spring of 2019 the Patton Homestead will be available for outdoor uses.

Among the many types of outdoor and indoor (2020+) events, functions, retreats, festivals and exhibits that may be scheduled at the Patton Homestead will be:

  • town events such as board & committee meetings and other public or local non-profit meetings,

  • public events such as festivals and exhibitions,

  • active military and veterans' events, retreats and conferences,

  • academic conferences and educational seminars,

  • private events such weddings, parties, get-togethers,

  • corporate events - retreats, picnics, training sessions, sales meetings, and

  • tours of the Patton Archives (in association with the Wenham Museum)

The property is also immediately available for the public to park at the field parking lot so that people can explore the exterior scenic landscape.

The Homestead is being transformed from a private home into a facility that can accommodate approximately up to ~75-90 people at interior events and ~ 125+ people at exterior events.  New entrances are being constructed which would be fully ADA accessible. The terrace landscaping and access to the Wenham Museum managed Patton archives are being improved.

Rendering by Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt of new main entrance

Rendering by Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt of restored rear of property

Rendering by Spencer, Sullivan & Vogt of possible interior configuration layouts