Joe Domelowicz, Town Manager

Joe Domelowicz, Hamilton's Town Manager will work to ensure that the Homestead is being managed by the Director consistent with the goals established by the Board of Selectmen and the recommendations of the Patton Homestead Inc non-profit.

Kaleigh Paré, Director of Patton Homestead

Kaleigh Paré started as Director of the Patton Homestead in mid Feb 2019. She will market the Homestead, assist in fundraising, establish programming & scheduling, and to manage the entire property’s day to day operations.

Tim Olson, DPW Director

Tim Olson and his DPW staff have been responsible for day to day maintenance of the property.  During the renovation Tim is responsible for working with the Town's Architect and managing the contracting & bidding processes.

Patrick Reffert, Director of Planning & Inspections

Patrick Reffert helps Town Manager, DPW Director and the PHI non-profit stay focused on practical aspects of designing the property for active public uses. He will also be a resource for the Director when that position is filled late Fall 2018.


Hamilton Town Hall (photo courtesy of the Town of Hamilton)