The Patton Homestead is being designed as a resource where veterans and military-related organizations can:

  • connect with military history,

  • share experiences & reunions with fellow veterans,

  • engage with the World War II, Korean and Vietnam history as it relates to both Generals Patton,

  • attend retreats for small groups and military related associations,

  • hold & attend commissioning ceremonies,

  • be a location where military families can picnic and meet up while their members serve our country, and

  • participate in the many military related events that will be held at the Homestead each year.

The Patton Homestead is also a historic place where families, the community and Veterans enrich their lives. They do so through cultural events, seasonal festivals, military focused programming, Veterans’ gatherings, social events and retreats.  The Homestead will actively engage the institutions around our military (ROTC, Reserves, VA, Legions, etc) to encourage active programming to be held on site.

Joanne Holbrook Patton has a rich history with many amazing organizations, among them the National Military Family Association, the West Point Society of New England and even the American Red Cross.  The Homestead will be looking to re-establish relationships with these and many other veteran and military family related organizations.

The PHI will try to replicate the energy Joanne brought to volunteering and serving our extended community.

Location of named fields at Patton Homestead & Green Meadows Farms courtesy of the Patton Family Archives

The Patton family honors soldiers who were lost in Vietnam by naming fields after them. The first field was named in 1984 to honor Sgt. Rodney T. Yano, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.