Three Ways to Support The Patton Homestead


The Patton Homestead Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that accepts tax-deductable donations for the Patton Homestead. The PHI is currently accepting contributions to its capital campaign for the interior and remaining exterior improvements at the property. Donations to PHI supports PHI’s mission to support and preserve the Patton Homestead and provide educational, recreational and cultural opportunities.

  • Donate Online through Paypal to Patton Homestead, Inc.

  • Donate by Mail - Tax deductible donations to the Homestead can be made with a check made out to Patton Homestead Inc and mailed to: Patton Homestead, Inc. 650 Asbury Street, Hamilton, MA 01982

Download and view the Patton Homestead Inc Donation Form to be included with mailed donations.

  • Donate through a Donor Advised Fund - Please consider making a donation through a Donor Advised Fund. The donation would be to the Patton Homestead, Inc.

Thank you for your support of Patton Homestead Incorporated (PHI).   

Please contact Patton Homestead, Inc. with any questions at


The Town approved an operating budget for the Homestead in October 2018 and hired Kaleigh Pare as Director in Feb 2019. Director Pare will need help with programming, outreach to veterans and cultural organizations, and grants. The property will also have an ongoing need for event/docent volunteers and enthusiastic people willing to help out with landscaping and similar tasks. You can apply to volunteer with the new Director c/o Town Hall.

The next volunteer day is scheduled for August 3, 2019 from 10AM-1PM with the goal of cleaning up the Rose Garden area.

PHI is also looking for:

  • Board members to help with promotion, capital fundraising and legal support.

  • Capital Campaign Committee members to help with fundraising.

To discuss either board membership or joining the Capital Campaign Committee please contact the PHI at

Support at town meeting

Occasionally articles related to the Patton Homestead will be either be reported out to Town Meeting or will be the subject of Town Meeting votes. Please become educated on the issues and consider supporting the Homestead at Hamilton Town Meeting