The Patton Homestead, the former home of two famous American generals – General George S. Patton Jr. and his son Major General George S. Patton IV, is a nationally significant historic property where families, the community and Veterans will enrich their lives through cultural events, seasonal festivals, educational programming, Veterans’ gatherings, social events and retreats.

The Patton Homestead will serve our community as follows:

  • Historic Preservation -  Preserve the property's deep history; provide access to the Patton Archives;  and articulate the Patton family's dedication to both military and community service.

  • Resource for Veterans - Expand use as a gathering place for veterans and veteran-related events.

  • Culture & Community - Transform the property into a robust facility to enrich our community and deliver a variety of educational and cultural experiences.

  • Scenic Space - Make the property's serene and scenic landscape accessible for our community.

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